Ong Kim Swee, 100%

Published on: Nov 7, 2011 @ 0:08


Ong Kim Swee is a simple, objective-thinking man.

The gaffer.

At least that is what I, a mere lowly supporter of Malaysian football, and an outsider to FAM, thinks. The non-technical administrators in the FAM might know more than me, but they are also more busy doing trivial things like snacking on kuih while setting exorbitant ticket prices, fabricating excuses in front of the enquiring media AFTER setting that exorbitant ticket price, kowtow-ing and carrying luggage of the royalties, eyeing what is the other Dato’ in the FAM committee is doing, and putting that fellow FAM committee member down in the public media. Unlike me.

I, as a simple fan, can afford to put 100% focus on the game itself.

And I’m always 100% behind Ong Kim Swee. Nothing to do with Seksualiti Merdeka there, only that I have the utmost respect of Ong Kim Swee’s philosophy on football. You see, when our Olympic team lost 2-0 at Japan in September, I had initially expected them to lose with a bigger margin. But true to his philosophy, Kim Swee ‘parked a big jumbo jet’ in front of goal and restricted the Asian giants to only two goals at their own backyard. Kim Swee knew and acknowledged our own weaknesses, and proceeded to engineer a game plan based on damage limitation. That’s objective thinking.

While national team coach Datuk K. Rajagobal had imposed a virtual limit of the number of players above the age of 25 in his squad, Ong Kim Swee had no qualms whatsoever in starting Hairuddin Omar (32), Amri Yahyah (30), Norhafiz Zamani (30) and Badhri Radzi (29) against the multinational stars of Chelsea. While K. Rajagobal’s first choice national side were trashed 0-4 by Arsenal and 3-6 by Liverpool, less than a week later Kim Swee’s ragtag group of under 23 players and international has-beens managed to restrict the 2010-11 EPL runner’s up to a 0-1 loss, losing only to a goal which shouldn’t have been allowed: FIFA Law 10: A goal is scored when the WHOLE of the ball passes over the goal line.

Calling Hairuddin Omar a has-been should require a bit of imagination right now. The man had just scored in three consecutive Malaysian Cup final, winning all three with two different teams. He even scored against Chelsea. He’s quite the Malaysian Alan Shearer. He’s maybe 32-years young now, but his compass is still pointing goal-bound. Putting him in the Malaysian starting eleven is maybe asking too much, but I would rather see him in the Malaysian bench, than a certain fit, energetic, quick, strong young striker who has a faulty compass. See, that’s objective thinking. You want a water carrier, or you want a goal scorer?

Hai-O: An old goal scorer is better than a young water carrier. Kim Swee had no problem putting him in the starting line-up against Chelsea.

Pippo Inzaghi isn’t quick, yet he can score. He is the second all time most prolific goal scorer in European club competitions, only 3 goals behind Raul. Solskjaer isn’t strong, but he could score, just like what Chicarito is doing now. It’s all in the head you know, the compass. The sense of the direction of goal. With speed, you can cover more distance faster as you race towards Perlis, but when you have a faulty compass you’ll end up in Johor instead.

I may like Ong Kim Swee, but I admit that he has a problem now. See, another objective thinking. He has already lost two goal scorers in Wan Zack Haikal and Irfan Fazail, both of FC Vion Zlate Moravce, due to injuries.

Wan Zack Haikal: Football is a team game, but his loss COULD be the telling difference.

His four forwards have only scored a combined total of 8 goals in 26 Malaysia under-23 matches since the start of the year. A tournament cannot be won without scoring, so the goals must start to come from somewhere. Izzaq must score, Syahrul Azwari must score, Thamil must score, Fakri? Just… START to score will you, that’s all I’m asking. For God’s sake, you are a forward, not a goalkeeper.

Fakri Saarani: Simply must START scoring goals.

Kim Swee’s striking problems cannot be resolved easily since the SEA Games football tournament is an age group tournament. But the World Cup is not. Yet Datuk K. Rajagobal as the World Cup squad coach still fielded a misfiring under-23 striker in the starting line-up against Singapore. Our dear Datuk could have had an experienced, goal scoring striker on the bench, but nooo… it must only be YET another misfiring under-23 striker, and he too was thrown into play in the 82nd minute.

We lost. And that’s exactly what would happen if we had lost Norshahrul Idlan Talaha to injury in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup. I don’t want to begin to imagine what would happen if we had lost Safee Sali.

Tell me if fielding an under-23 forward who have not scored in a World Cup qualification match is objective thinking?

This is an all-important World Cup qualification match but nooo… he must give Ismail Faruqi his first ever cap in this very match. The October friendly at Australia was a valuable international ‘A’ match yet nooo… he must also give Joseph Kallang Tie his first ever cap. Plain reckless.

Joseph Kalang Tie: First international cap, first 5-0 international drubbing.

Okay, I’m not a Datuk fan. But let me tell this, I take my hat off to our dear Datuk for doing what no other Malaysian coach has done before: winning a SEA Games gold AND the AFF Suzuki Cup. That’s objective thinking; I don’t let my emotions and my personal preference to cloud my thinking.

That’s Kim Swee. Win or lose, you have a fan boy here, coach. 100% behind you.


2 Respons to “Ong Kim Swee, 100%”

  1. time to watch Malaysia team again.

  2. Keren gan blog sampeyan!!! Jangan lupa untuk koment balik!!!

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