Bolasepak Malaysia: Siapa Rasis?

From The Star: English players (multiracial) played at half steam so as not to embarrass the Malaysians (only one Indian player).

A response to When Malaysian football players met quality and lost big time…

Posted by: johngomez

Todays paper: Arsenal thump Malaysia in football friendly.

It came as no surprise to me that Malaysia lost. I expected the margin to be bigger. I am quite sure that the English players (multiracial) played at half steam so as not to embarrass the Malaysians (only one Indian player).

The English players came with no arrogant attitudes, fancy haircuts, superiority complex etc. They were professional, did their job and completed it successfully.

Can’t say the same for our players.

When will the Malaysian players learn that to be a footballer of international standards one will need;

1. Skills

2. Discipline

3. Attitude and aptitude

4. Intelligence

5. Exposure

6. Height and weight

7. Temperament

and the list goes on.

Any comments?

No fancy haircuts?

Your racist tone is not thinly-veiled at all.

So multi-racial English players (Arsenal players are English?) played half steam and Malaysian players (one Indian player) were not. And you expect the margin to be bigger.

If you want to be racist, at least show some balls. Say it out loud that you “WANT THE ARSENAL PLAYERS TO KICK THE HELL OUT OF THE MALAYS!”

Sadly you have none. Same case with your brains.

I know you know our national head coach is not a Malay. The coach before him was also not a Malay. There is not only one Indian player in the squad: S. Chanturu from Kelantan is waiting in the wings and K. Gurusamy from Harimau Muda, if fit, is a serious contender for Amar Rohidan’s defensive midfielder spot.

If you think Chanturu must play and not Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, then tell him to score more goals than the best outfield player in Liga Super and the 2010 AFF Cup.

If you think Gurusamy must play and not Amar Rohidan then tell him to play better than the best Makelele-role player in the 2010 AFF Cup.

No need to be racist. Just play better.

If you think Titus James Palani should be in the squad, then tell him to quit juggling ball and start playing ball. Sathianathan had invited him to a trial before and he’s still not in the squad. Beneath all the hype, he’s just not good enough to displace Kunanlan in the national team.

Titus James Palani: Juggler

Yong Kuong Yong was called for a trial by Rajagobal, he’s not selected. No need to be racist, just prove that you are the best player in a particular position, and you’ll play.

If you think the FAM is a racist organization, then you must think that the FA of Singapore is worse. Because 76.8% of Singaporeans are Chinese, yet not one of them plays for the national team! The only Chinese player in the team is another imported player, from mainland China!

They won the AFF Cup three times with 16 Malay players out of a squad of 20 (1998), 16 Malays out of 22 (2004) and 13 Malays out of 20 (2007).

You want to know who is racist?

Only four non-Malay players played for the 1980 Olympic team. Four. One died. The other three starred for the Maxis ad campaign.

Yes, there was Hasan Sani, who provided the assist for James Wong to score the winning goal in the Korea match, given the TOKEN BUMI spot. Convenient. Yet only the ads starring James Wong, Chin Aun and Santokh Singh were aired again and again and again, as if the Malay heroes played little part in the Olympic qualification.

Now tell me if the Olympic team can win without Datuk Jamal Nasir Ismail, Kamaruddin Abdullah, Shukor Salleh, Khalid Ali, Abdullah Ali, and the scorer of the first goal in the Korea match: Bakri Ibni?

Oh I forgot, maybe you were born in Highbury or Islington. They don’t have fancy haircuts there. [Kembali ke Laman Utama]


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