Kelayakan Piala Asia B-22: Malaysia 7, Filipina 0

2, 35, 69, 74 are you watching Raja?

Well, we cannot fault Kim Swee for not discovering and developing young talents now, can’t we?

He plucked Nazmi Faiz from Harimau Muda B and now the kid’s at a Primeira Liga club. He invited a certain young Sabahan player to join his makeshift Malaysian XI in a match against Chelsea and now the lad had repaid him by scoring four precious goals in a single competitive match.

Now that’s what we call giving deserved chance for deserved players.

Scoring. It’s all in the head you know, the compass. The sense of the direction of goal. Oh, you can always take that certain speedy and strong player to be your striker. With speed, you can cover more distance faster as you race towards Perlis, but when you have a faulty compass you’ll end up in Johor instead.


~ oleh Rimau XI di Jun 25, 2012.

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