SEA Games 2011: “Ini semua orang Malaysia! Tak ada otak semua”

Organised campaign?

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Sunday November 20, 2011

Shame on you!


Hostility towards our team and media at the SEA Games in Indonesia is a complete disgrace.

There have also been instances where Indonesian fans held up their middle fingers, in a symbolic “up-yours” protest, to photographers whenever Malaysians compete.

This lack of finesse and unsporting behaviour reached an outrageous level when Malaysian newsmen were banned from covering the last day of the swimming event.

An official identified as Chris Ardi Toruan forgot that his role was to ensure the smooth running of the event and instead turned into an instigator and almost caused a brawl.

The official in charge of gate entry was not only rude and threatening but yelled to the crowd: “Ini semua orang Malaysia! Tak ada otak semua. (These are all Malaysians, They don’t have brains.)” [More]


~ oleh Rimau XI di November 21, 2011.

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