SEA Games 2011: Endangered Species – Javanese Footballers

Foreign mercenaries: While hordes of Indonesians went overseas to find a living, the Indonesian government puts more faith in foreign workforce. From the left: Tonnie Cusell (Netherlands), Stefano Lilipaly (Netherlands), Greg Nwokolo (Nigeria), Jhon van Beukering (Netherlands), Victor Igbonefo (Nigeria).

Nine players in total.

Add the two players from the Nurdin Halid era and you will get eleven players.

Perhaps the one and only position still available for a Javanese football player is the goalkeeper position. However, is it necessary for the millions of the Javanese people, the heart and soul of Indonesia, to be put in a spot where they should struggle for a mere single spot in the Garuda eleven? [More]


~ oleh Rimau XI di November 21, 2011.

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