SEA Games 2011: Malaysia 0, Singapore 0

It’s been a while since Malaysia played like this, playing with confidence. Too much of it, maybe.

Yes, our team is the only Southeast Asian team still in the running for the 2012 London Olympics. Yes, our backline is practically the 2010 AFF Cup champions’ backline. A non-age group tournament.

However, we need to acknowledge that five of the Singapore players are in their World Cup squad, with three of them first choices. Yes, half of the Singapore team is practically their World Cup team. Still in the running for 2014 World Cup. The biggest non-age group tournament, ever.

Reality bites, ain’t it? Kau hebat? Ada hebat lagi. Kau ligat? Ada ligat lagi. [More]


~ oleh Rimau XI di November 8, 2011.

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